Hi, my name is Nel. I work in the tech industry and have done everything from software development to hardware testing. I’ve always wanted to do a fun and informative site for families that featured all the great resources, websites, videos, and memes I’ve run across on the internet. It was something I kept putting off… until the COVID-19 pandemic came along. Being stuck at home, the feeling of helplessness rekindled this idea with a different purpose, to help others who were similarly stuck at home, too. There are people out there who are going to need mental health resources, entertainment, activities, fun, educational resources, and more to get through this crisis. I never intended my fun and informative site to be focused on COVID-19 when the idea popped into my head years ago (since it didn’t even exist yet!), but for now it will be. When the crisis is over, I hope to continue bringing fun and resources to families. Stay safe out there, everybody!