Coping With The COVID-19 Crisis

Coping with COVID-19

We’re all dealing with big changes in our lifestyles due to the COVID-19 crisis. You and your family may be struggling to cope with these changes and the different emotions that come with uncertainty. Below are some resources to help keep the worry under control and keep balance in your home.


Mental Health & Counseling Help – Supporting Families During COVID-19. Clinical and supportive resources covering a range of topics including how to talk to kids during the crisis, mental health support, self-care, and more.

Coping With The Coronavirus Crisis
Managing Anxiety
Discipline and Behavior

Caroline Conquers Her Corona Fears – A kid’s coping and coloring book. CoviBook – A PDF downloadable story book to support and reassure children 7 years old and under.

Coping With Stress During Infectious Disease Outbreaks – Helpful tips to identify and address stress while dealing with an infectious outbreak like COVID-19.

ConfidentParentsConfidentKids.orgMy Kid’s School Is Closed, So Now What? Supporting your Children’s Social, Emotional, and Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Movement, Calm, & Mindfulness Good Energy at Home – Free resource to get kids and families moving and learning at home.

• Movement, yoga, and mindfulness videos
• Downloadable curricular activities
• Recommended off-screen home activities – 5 Breathing Exercises For Kids For Calm and Focus